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Infinite possibilities Reiki Healing Achademy offers comprehensive Reiki training that is based on the writings of Mikao Usui himself.



The Program:


  • Gives you a working system for healing yourself, your friends and your loved ones...

  • Shows you how to practice Reiki

  • Helps you discover the power of Reiki from Mikao Usui's original writing... a precise, eloquent and simple application of the art...

  • Gives you what you need to learn Reiki with face-to-face contact with a Reiki instructor (Mikao Usui himself clearly indicates what it takes to learn and become proficient at Reiki, and it is enhandced and facilitated with direct contact with a teacher or practitioner).

  • Teaches you a direct and proven path to moving from Reiki practitioner to Reiki Master faster than you would ever believe...

Reiki Attunement Courses

Who can learn Reiki?


You can! Anyone can learn Reiki. There are no special requirements. You just need to be open-minded and be prepared to spend a day with like-minded people, exploring an exciting energy method.

Find peace


When you learn Reiki, you’ll find that this will bring a sense of peace, contentment and serenity, helping you to feel more positive and better able to cope.

Reiki Healing Orchid

Reiki is an incredible discipline that could cleanse your body and further your spiritual understanding of yourself and the world around you:


If you want to heal yourself and others... Reiki may be able to make that dream a Reality.

Level 1 Attunement
Level 2 Attunement
Level 3 Master Attunement
  • Push away pain, anxiety, and negative emotions that constantly hang over you... like parting clouds on a stormy day. 


  • Experience the joy of healing others, of watching for the first time their shock and astonishment at the healing power of Reiki techniques. 


  • Bring balance to your life, and fill you with contentment and a sense of deep understanding.


  • Meet Like minded people, looking to help heal the world and themselves!


  • Explore your spirituality! Reiki helps you to de-stress and find a contented space inside you that you can access anytime, and you can explore your spirituality free from any religion or dogma.


  • Experience self-healing! Spend a little time each day working on your self-healing and share the benefits of Reiki with your friends and family.